About Setlistic

Hey there, it’s Dina, founder of Setlistic. Nice to meet you! Here’s some background on how Setlistic came to be.

Setlists are one of your band’s assets.

I spent years performing in various bands in southern California, and I spent countless hours creating setlists during that time.

I used up a whole lot of spreadsheets, documents, playlists, cutting and pasting — and time — trying to simply craft setlists for the shows that we were performing. The last thing you want is to misjudge the timing of your set and have songs get cut off at the end so that you’re really not ending on the song you wanted to. Not cool!

Setlists are a craft unto themselves.

It takes a lot of work to make a great show. Musicianship, timing, connecting with your audience. How you craft your setlist is a big part of that, since it forms the framework and foundation for your whole show. What song you start with, how you progress, what song you end on — it all matters.

Setlistic was built for musicians.

Setlistic is a tool that I would have loved to have had back in those days, to keep track of the setlists we had, adjust them, fine tune them, and then easily print for stage use. No more playlists, spreadsheets, documents or cutting and pasting!

There are some great features that I hope you’ll find handy while you’re putting your setlists together. They’re meant to be time saving.

I really hope Setlistic helps you in your journey to create better shows. In fact, we’d love to hear about your first Setlistic setlist and all about your show! Just drop us a line. -- Dina :-)

Dina's bands:

Pretentious (a Pretenders Tribute) Pretentious (a Pretenders Tribute)

Jett Sett (a Joan Jett Tribute) Jett Sett (a Joan Jett Tribute) Photo by Dirkbag.com